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About Lexington IT Solutions

What began as a side project is now a full time, full service IT company. From IT Consulting, Computer Repair, to Printer Support and Workflow Improvement, we are real people helping other real people. At the heart of all our operations is our founder, Scott Toombs' prior military service values of integrity and quality teamwork.

How do we do it?  We start with an initial consultation, to determine your unique requirements.  We can then immediately start improving your environment with partial onboarding.  With this, we load your computers with the latest anti-virus, anti-ransomware, and data backup solutions.  We also reconfigure and optimize your computers for improved performance right off the bat.  Next, we will do a full site survey, to capture the large-scale environment, and collect additional information.  We then determine a priority list of equipment upgrades and replacements.  Once your office is as fast and secure as can be, we dive into your workflow and find ways to improve your overall operational efficiency.  All while working diligently in the background, keeping all of your technology running at peak performance.

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